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Introducing PalettÉtendu™ : for better color gicleés


The Sharpeye PalettÉtendu™ Gicleé System was developed to suit the specific needs of artists looking for highly color accurate gicleé reproductions of their artwork. It is similar to a traditional gicleé process, but uses expanded color palettes and specially developed techniques to better match an artist’s original work.

First, the artwork is digitized using a color palette that is 150% larger than a standard gicleé. This larger palette allows for more precise color information to be captured from the original artwork.

This information is then processed on a system that can represent 281 trillion colors, which is much greater than a traditional gicleé system’s 16.8 million. These additional colors allow for the natural color transitions and blending that are found in the original artwork, while reducing the time needed to match them.

The final image is then reproduced on a large format printer using double the number of available inks compared to traditional gicleé. These pigment based inks are encapsulated for UV protection and 100% archival, and the extra colors available allow for more exact reproduction of the original artwork.

These technologies combine to form the Sharpeye PalettÉtendu™ Gicleé System, which gives the most accurate reproductions at a lower cost than traditional gicleé systems.

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